Person Mythology 2018 (ongoing)

a game about helping each other. Based on a song from the album Bird Languages by Sen Wisher.

DPS-1 2018 (ongoing)

Dance of the Planets 2.0 2018

Hey, this is out! Dance with some planets! Grab it here!

ONWARD! April 2017

ONWARD is a music-controlled game that I built for Redcat Studio Spring 2017. It was designed to be performed collaboratively by a group of musicians and one traditional player.

I'm still working on building this concept out into something more generalizable, but in the meantime a playable demo is available to all my patrons

@KENNING_MAKER January 2017

@kenning_maker is the twitterbot counterpoint to a book of Kennings that Blair and I collected, printed, and bound in December 2016. It was Blair's first bot-making experience, and it was a really fun collaboration. December 2016 is a standalone website & solar system sonification.

I want to make more things like this.


S.R.A. is the government listening internship you forgot you applied for.

Made in a week for #fermijam, an amazing game jam inspired by the Fermi Paradox.

A NIGHT DEITY June 30, 2016

A NIGHT deity is a music tool that makes polyrhythms & polygonal constellations.

Made in just a few days for the #mysticwestern game jam.

If you find the secret mode & screenshot it, I'll name a constellation after you.

BATHYSPHERE April 17, 2016

BATHYSPHERE is a tiny browser game about a spherical submersible, and an assignment to chase down some unexplained radio transmissions.

Made by Luke Williams and Blair Johnson in two weeks for #LOWREZJAM2016

There is also a legend I've heard whispered about the existence of a secret, shiny, Pokémon Snap-inspired version...

@GERYON_BOT March 2016

ѦѧѨ The red world and corresponding red breezes / Went on ѧѦѨ Inspired (endlessly) by Anne Carson & Stesichorus ѦӜѧ


] GOLDEN CROWNED[ February 2016

] golden crowned[ is:

1. The first single from my album atongue[

2. An interactive, generative, responsive music video

HUNGER GAMES 1 & 2 2013-2014

Two ridiculous games I made while learning how to use Unity (I have since forgotten how to use Unity). They are inspired very directly by Unity's default settings and Max Ernst. They are also inspired much less directly by a certain series of popular YA novels and films.

The hundred headless woman will even smile in her sleep in order that Loplop will smile at the phantoms.



UPDATE 2017: these games were playable via the old Unity Web Plugin, which isn't supported by modern browsers. I don't really have the energy to revisit them to get them web-ready again. If you want to play them, come find me in person, or bug me about it ^_^