This page contains a selection of recent/notable projects. For everything, head to the archive.


dustbathing substrate September 2018

a small collection of process-oriented ambient songs I wrote. The process was: 1. make a loop 2. work on something else 3. when the loop gets boring, modify it 4. the song's done when the loop sinks so thoroughly into the background of the other stuff you're working on that you never get bored of it.

ungrind March 2018

I made ungrind by stacking improvisations on the bass clarinet, an instrument I deeply love and barely play. Good for clenched jaws and tight stomachs.

I also had the ridiculously fortunate opportunity to perform these songs live with Kimberly Dunning & Marta Tiesenga (listen here).

MOONS 2015-2018

MOONS is a collection of pop songs about: interstellar geology, radios, ice volcanoes, space exploration, and grass-against-thighs. Videos free online, downloads for patrons only.

atongue[ January 2017

atongue[ is an album that plays with fragmentation, degredation, memory, distance, love, and dementia. It came out of the years I spent taking care of my Grandmother, re-translated through the lens of Anne Carson's brilliantly spacious translations of Sappho.

The first single is ] golden crowned[, which was released with an interactive music code video thing.

All the money I make from this album goes toward Dementia research ᵔᴥᵔ

@gifscores season 1 June 2017-June 2017

@gifscores was a daily composition project in which I wrote short, looping soundtracks for gifs. Been missing it lately. Season 2? ^_^

there is some space below that Nov 2014

In response to a challenge to complete an entire album in a week, I decided to score some live-feed footage of spacewalks on the ISS. It was made originally as a series of videos that you can watch on YouTube, but it's also available to download via bandcamp.

Desert Gestalt June 2012 - Sept 2013

This is a cut-up, field-recording-based album I composed using sounds I had recorded during my stay at the University of Utah's Rio Mesa field research station. Download comes with an accompanying book of poems & art.

Funded by a fellowship grant from the Rio Mesa Center.

Fair Mariner 2012/2013

Some songs I wrote about Captain Thomas James, who led a failed expedition to find the Northwest Passage. Heavily inspired by Motown & Stax, James Brown, and all my other funk & soul heroes.


Picky Bunches 3P 2018

I glazed this incredible trio's first triplet.

IT LO - IT LO 2017

This album was recorded live in my house in a whirlwind of a day, and then mixed and mastered over a whirlwind of a week.


I co-produced a few tracks on this album, played some synths & MIDI stuff, and mastered it. I freaking LOVE this album.

TWO — TWO 2015

I engineered, mixed, and mastered this amazingly sparse album of vocal duets by my friends Jesse and Stuart.


I helped Mo make this beautiful album, which included a lot of fun field recording and non-metronomed jangling.


Animal Court 2018

Ben Swisher invited Alyssa Pyper and I to write some music with him for a dance piece. Animal Court is for dancing.


Giant Frame

Giant Frame is a filmscoring collective that I started with my best friend Jesse. We also super definitely want to score video games, but beyond my own little games, we haven't had a chance to try it yet.