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Personal Projects


stacked improvisations for bass clarinet, an instrument I deeply love and barely play. Good for clenched jaws and tight stomachs.


a collection of pop songing & video collaging about: interstellar geology, radios, ice volcanoes, space exploration, and grass-against-thighs. Videos free online, downloads for patrons only.


exploring fragmentation, degredation, memory, distance, love, and dementia. This project came out of the years I spent taking care of my grandma, cheese-grated through the lens of Anne Carson's brilliantly spacious translations of Sappho.

Desert Gestalt

This is a cut-up, field-recording-based album I composed using sounds I had recorded during my stay at the University of Utah's Rio Mesa field research station. Download comes with an accompanying book of poems & art.

Funded by a fellowship grant from the Rio Mesa Center.


Some things I recorded, mixed, and/or glazed:

Some things I played on and/or produced:


Reply All

I got to work with Reply All's Tim Howard on a big score for their 3-part episode "The Real Enemy." That music has since been used in other episodes as well. My favorite job I've ever had, easy :)

Giant Frame

a filmscoring collective that I started with my best friend Jesse.