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Personal Projects

guthrie (wip)

an ongoing set of ecopunk story songs about a group of working class mech pilots and the piece of industrial farm equipment they stole.


stacked improvisations for bass clarinet, an instrument I deeply love and barely play. good for clenched jaws and tight stomachs.


Two seasons worth of daily looping music for gifs. Probably my favorite thing I've ever done. Third season soon??

Desert Gestalt

This is a cut-up, field-recording-based album I made almost 10 years ago with sounds I recorded during my stay at the University of Utah's Rio Mesa field research station.

Funded by a fellowship grant from the Rio Mesa Center.


Reply All

I started contributing music to Reply All off-and-on in late 2019, and then in fall 2021 they brought me on as a music editor and sound designer, which I did until the show ended. The people I worked with there are some of the loveliest and most creative people I've ever met. Best job I ever had, easy :)


An album full of looping public-access-inspired music for this amazing livestream project by Katie Garth.

Giant Frame

a filmscoring collective that I started with my best friend Jesse. We made some killer stuff together.

Friends, Mixing, & Glazing

Some things I lovingly helped record, mix, and/or glaze:

Some things I proudly played on and/or produced: