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dance of the planets — a solar system sonification

game of life synth — a gregorian computational conway music machine

the wind, east of lake erie — A snowy, data-driven windchime

double pendulum synth — an unfinished weird pendulum chaos soundmaker

a night deity — a mystic western constellation polyrhythm generator


Person Mythology — a demo for game about helping each other

onward — a sound-controlled boat jumper

S.R.A. — the radiophonic government internship you forgot you applied for

Bathysphere — intercept some confusing messages in a a little submersible


@geryon_bot — ѦѧѨ The red world and corresponding red breezes / Went on ѧѦѨ Inspired (endlessly) by Anne Carson & Stesichorus ѦӜѧ

@kenning_maker — a bot I made with Blair Johnson about word-smashing