This is just some favorite/recent stuff. For everything, head to the archive.


dance of the planets — a solar system sonification

game of life synth — a gregorian computational conway music machine

the wind, east of lake erie — A snowy, data-driven windchime

40 songs for a train ride — a minidisc player and a train window for watching generative landscapes

a night deity — a mystic western constellation polyrhythm generator


Night Skate — an endless fantasy skate mixtape by me and my brother Clay. Released Jan 2022 to overwhelmingly positive reviews and multiple App Store features!

4am Forever — the demo for Night Skate, made for GBJam 2020

The Barracuda — a pico-8 game for a surf-rock band

Bathysphere — intercept some confusing messages in a a little submersible


harp site — a chatbot for an angel bby harpist

barn site — a digital venue for a rural concert space

observer site — a hacked phone for an album release

blair's site — an open portfolio for a poet